Tips on boat rentals in Croatia

Croatia becoming a member of the EU and therefore entering the country will be easier than ever. Until then, citizens of most European countries will only need a valid passport to cross the Croatian border.

Croatia offers you several boat opportunities

The right sites offer you different services so that you can get a personalized quote for the insurance, inspection, financing and transportation of your boat. And if you want to spend a perfect holiday on board and make available rental boats in various destinations. As one of the main charter destinations for Europeans, Croatia reveals the magic of sailing on the "Mediterranean as before" for those exploring from a private yacht.

Good offers at the beginning and end of the summer

Croatia, freed from its history of political unrest, has become one of the most attractive cruise destinations in Europe. Having been spared the massive accumulation of tourism, Croatia offers some of the most impressive and preserved landscapes in Europe. Home to thousands of islands, 1185 of them, each one is different and exceptional with its own story to tell. The entire Adriatic coast is a journey full of beauty and breathtaking adventures. Many believe that rent a boat croatia offers today the best charter cruise in the world.

General recommendations for sailing in Croatia

As in the rest of the Mediterranean, Croatia offers warm days, blue skies and calm winds during the summer season. Charters start and end on Saturdays, especially during the summer season. Influenced by its neighbors and its supply of fresh ingredients, Croatia would be the next major gastronomic destination. You will find many fascinating differences from one island to another, but Dalmatian cuisine is resolutely Mediterranean. Many claims that Adriatic seafood is among the best in the world because of the unique geographical location of the sea.

Croatian cuisine is simple in its preparation. As you enter the many ports, you will be tempted by all the wonderful cafés and restaurants.